Welcome to WomenSARRA


WomenSARRA, a research organization aims to work towards full realization of Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) as a Human Right. Our vision is to empower women for reproductive autonomy and independent healthcare decision-making on SRH.
We aim to do this by:

1) Generating scientific knowledge on SRH and creating evidence for better implementation of sexual and reproductive health policies and programs.

2) Holistically understanding the user needs and factors that guide their decision-making pathways.

3) Developing embodied learning methodologies for qualitative research.


Our three pillars of work are Research, Outreach and Advocacy. Through ethical research we gather scientific data on SRH and vernacularize it for people and state obligation of human rights. The research findings feed into outreach and advocacy. Through outreach we support knowledge building and knowledge mobilization on SRH that translates into advocacy at national and international platforms.