Women Human Rights Institute (WHRI)

Since 2004, the Women’s Human Rights Institute (WHRI) has been building the capacity of women’s human rights defenders to take leadership and create change locally, nationally, and internationally using a women’s human rights framework. We work to amplify women’s voices through and with UN human rights frameworks and mechanisms, in particular the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) and the Special Procedures of the Human Rights Council.

Through our work, we support knowledge-building and knowledge-mobilization for strategic advocacy that is locally and transnationally situated, furthering the goals of local, national and regional women’s organizing while also contributing to the ongoing growth and expansion of women’s human rights standards from an intersectional feminist framework. We uphold a vision of women’s human rights that is inclusive, holistic, and focused on creating alternatives to patriarchal paradigms that perpetuate myriad forms of discrimination and contribute to the ongoing instrumentalization and destruction of the earth.


Feminist Alliance for Rights (FAR)

The Feminist Alliance for Rights (FAR) is a global alliance whose purpose is to amplify the voices and leadership of women from the Global South and from marginalized communities in the Global North in order to advance human rights and strengthen national and international accountability. FAR is comprised of a wide range of women’s and human rights activists that work in various areas of women’s rights. It is guided by a Steering Committee, and its work-plan is operationalized by the Center for Women’s Global Leadership (CWGL) in the capacity of Global Coordinator.

IWRAW- Asia Pacific

International women's rights action watch asia pacific is a feminist organization committed to the full relaization of women's human rights through the pursuit of equality. Through their work, they act on women's human rights violations and engage in movement building that amplifies women's voices and activism to create alternative political narratives and spaces.